One of the best types of content for your blog is epic or long form content. These are often called guides or resource pages. Search engines love these types of pages because they are very informative to the audience, and they provide clear authoritative information to the audience in a way that the audience can easily follow.

You may be getting tired just reading about needing to write even longer and more thorough and in-depth content, but you can do this in steps and it won’t seem as hard. Once you’ve finished with an epic post or resource page, it’s important to share it widely because something super useful like this will get shared. It might even go viral.

Plan the Content

When creating Epic Content, it might take longer than your average blog post. This is because it’s an in-depth guide to something important regarding your niche. It could be a book but you’re going to put it on your blog. Choose the topic, then outline it. Each point in the outline should be organized as a separate post.

One Blog Post at a Time

Once you have it all worked out, start writing one point of the outline at a time. You can write an overview post first to discuss what you’re going to talk about before you talk about it. This will provide all the working titles and a general idea of what they’re going to learn. As you create this the first time, it’s going to be like a blog series with publication dates, so your audience can follow along as you create it.

Link Them All Together

As you create each post, remember to link to the following post under each post once you’ve created it. Go back to the original overview and add in links as the pages are created. Go back to each post and add in links as they’re created. If you now have offers or CTAs, you can add those later too. Do the work as you go and then link them all together.

Promote the Finished Product

Once you’ve finished it, even if it’s a year-long project, now you want to promote it even more. Clean it up and correct anything that needs it based on comments you received as you were posting. Add case studies if you have them and as you have them. Link to products, ideas, and in-content upgrades as you create them. And promote, promote, promote. Tell everyone as if it’s your best product ever.

Let Them Download It

Turn it all into a PDF file if appropriate so that they can download the information and have it for themselves on their computer. In the download, add an amazing CTA to buy something that this epic post is wanting to promote. After all, even an epic post has a bottom line call to action that you want to encourage your audience toward.

This type of content ensures that your site becomes an authority site. Once you become an authority site, you won’t be able to stop the flow of traffic coming into your site. It just might take a few years for it to happen – depending on your content marketing budget. But take heart, even if you had an unlimited budget, putting small amounts of content on your site daily works a lot better for traffic generation than putting up a lot of content at one time only occasionally.

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