The Fabulous Fall Giveaway is FINALLY Here!

Now is your chance to grab some GREAT tools for your business before the holiday season!

Gifts Include:

Foot Traffic Surge Campaign Templates

Foot Traffic Surge Campaign templates were created specifically to make prospects instantly excited about your offer.

Subtle-yet-powerful persuasion “mini-converters” embedded in just the right places of your Foot Traffic Surge Campaign to get a flood of buyers in your store… and swiping their credit cards.

Simple instructions to customize your sales template for a MASSIVE increase in store traffic (and MUCH higher sales)… starting today!”!

The Ultimate Business Expenses Cheat-Sheet

Most entrepreneurs experience the challenge of not knowing what they can claim or NOT claim as a business expense.  If this is you, stop the struggle and download your cheat-sheet now to know Everything you need to know to pay less tax and keep more of your hard-earned money!

The Ultimate Template Pack

It is a resource library of templates, checklists and more. Once signed up, you will get a lifetime access to a growing number of free resources that will help you in the creative aspect of your business.
So far the library has..
_Free Media Kit checklist ( $15)
_Free Media kit template (canva) ($15)
_free brand board template (Canva) ($20)
_Free IG stories template (canva) ($15)
_Fun Pattern+Textures (created using Photoshop) ($15)

Value of the Product: $80

Claim Your Copy of “Vision For Your Life:
Achieve Your Goals with a Clear Vision”

This free 4-week course will show you exactly how to create a vision that allows you to achieve you to get results.

You will also receive a ‘Roadmap’ to guide you through the steps from vision creation to goal accomplishment and fulfillment of your vision.

Purpose Activation Session (45 min)

“Purpose “Activation” sessions are a very powerful way to gain clarity about your vision for a meaningful life and what is stopping you from achieving it.

You will receive an activation on your abilities and your power to succeed. You will walk away knowing what is the number one step you can take as a spiritual woman to live your purpose and attract prosperity into your life with your gifts and talents.

List Building for Entrepreneurs Made Easy

This is a list building course that is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business by growing their email list. It is for entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow their list or who don’t know how to nurture their subscribers and turn them into paying customers.

You are Powerful!

Valerie has the special gift of bringing the left & right brain together as she accesses different life dimensions and translating it into inspired action and business savvy.!

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