Your audience probably likes to get their information in a variety of ways. They probably like to read blog posts, read magazine articles, look at social media updates, listen to podcasts, and watch videos. If you really want to be where your audience is so that you can make it super simple for them to find you, then you should consider starting a podcast or video channel to help drive more traffic to your main site.

First, remember that in all cases, you want to drive traffic to your main site or pages on your main site (you hardly ever want to send people to your home page) to get the rest of the information. If you share an infographic, the idea is to get them to click through to your site. If you share a blog post, they should click through to see it on your site. Same with a meme, a video, a podcast, or something else. Your site is the center of everything and where almost all your content should live if it’s not an email.

Next, understand that your audience, while you’ve targeted them expertly, often likes to get their information in different ways. Some people like reading, others like watching video and listening, and yet others are great with podcasts because they like to multitask and get off the computer. When you take that into consideration, starting your own podcast or video channel will help drive traffic.

Whether you have a podcast or a video channel, you’ll want to do some things to ensure that you do drive traffic to your site.

  • Link to a Special Landing Page – Within your profile or in the description of the show, you should link to a special landing page on your site that makes an amazing free offer to the visitors and moves them to your email list.
  • Create a Blog Post about the Show – Each “show” you create, you should also create a corresponding blog post. This will enable you to further explain anything you didn’t explain well on the video. Elaborating on a post also gives you an opportunity to link to other content on your site that is relevant to them as well as move them to your email list with in-content upgrades and even an amazing product or service offering.
  • Name the Files Right – When you download your files for the podcast or the video, give it a relevant name instead of leaving it whatever the editing software calls it. For example, if your show is about beating anxiety use those words in the title of the file name as well as the title for the show.
  • Include a CTA – Within your show, you should verbally, and in text with a popup on the screen, give them a call to action based on the point of the show. If you are building your list, your CTA might be for them to remember to look in the description for a freebie checklist or something which will require their email.

Any type of content that you can add to your arsenal is going to grow your brand in ways you may not even realize. To know which formats to use, ask your audience. If they’re not on YouTube, there is no point in going to YouTube. If they love podcasts, that’s what you want to create. Do what they want and be where they are.

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