Yes, We Can Do That

We know times are tough right now.  That is why we are offering a limited time, limited slots, Name your Budget Project.

Your chance to check the boxes off your To-Do-List at a budget you decide.

We will get in the trenches so you don't have to! 

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Here are just a few examples of services we can do for you. 
 Needing something else? No problem! Let us know below. 
Name your Price
Building your sales funnel for you, from landing page to email sequences,  We will even help you plan it all out and answer your questions. You just need to supply all the material and we make it happen.
Name your Price
We will build your website for you (up to 5 pages), You supply the text and principle graphics, we will make the design come together like nothing you have seen. All of this within just 48 hours!
Storefront PACKAGE
Name your Price
Need to get a storefront up quickly, just send us your products (up to 20) and we will create an up and running storefront in less than 48 hours!
Who Are We

our Virtual Assistants was founded in 2010. Your Virtual Assistants provided virtual services, Online Business Management Social Media and Internet Marketing Services to women Coaches and Speakers.

Although we loved working with the coaching industry our passion was with the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.  We decided in 2017 to close Your Virtual Assistants and to begin following our passion in helping our truly aligned audience. 

In 2018, they founded The Online Business Gurus. The OBGs mission is to show startup businesses who want an online presence or well established businesses that want to expand their online sales, the foundational steps they need in the online world. The OBGs teach how build and/or manage their teams, install systems in their business and market their products and services business owners can create the strong foundation they need to build their success.

Why You Should Take
Advantage of This Offer

Let's face it, your competitors are not sitting around doing nothing. 

  • They are planning new funnels
  • They are sending more emails
  • They are getting on more podcasts
  • They are selling via Facebook and other ads
  • They are adjusting their websites
  • They are getting ready for the future

Are you?

This is the perfect time to dedicate to planning for the future of you business at a rate you can afford and a team that has over 10 years of experience helping business owners build funnels, sales pages, email funnels and storefronts. 

Note: We DO take USD, CAD, AUD, GBP and Euros via Transferwise if you prefer to pay in your national currency.  Payment plans are also available for your convenience. 

First we need your orders, and then we shall proceed.
Note The OBGs has the right to refuse any application they deem unfair.
Please keep in mind that this is a way to offer our services at a great rate NOT a free rate. 
Choose which services you are interested in: 


Please answer the following questions regarding your total budget and your monthly budget for the type of project you have selected.

​​​​​​​Given your design requests above, what are you hoping to spend, in total?

​​​​​​​Consider the full package price is split equally over a number of months (installments) to allow for a payment plan; what would a realistic monthly budget be for you? ex. $1200 USD total, split over 3 months at $400 USD / month

Keep in mind that while this IS a limited time offer, you CAN secure a spot to work with me using this offer for a FUTURE project. A "hold my spot" deposit will be required, and the remaining payments will be arranged for when the project starts. 

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Project Information

Please describe your project to us.
Some details you have provided will need to be further discussed over the phone.
We promise not to share your information or email with any person or company and this information will be kept strictly confidential between The Online Business Gurus and Yourself.  
Helping you find the right solution for your business at honest cost and honest solutions is always our goal.