It can seem daunting to come up with content after content, day after day. But the truth is, content is what makes the world go around. It’s true. Think about it. Everything is content related. From your morning newspaper to your cereal box – there is content there.

Having to be the one to come up with it though can feel impossible at times. It’s all in how you think of it, but your content doesn’t have to be repetitive or boring to keep coming up with more. The best way to come up with more is to come up with more of what they already like.

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics, go to your blog and find the most trafficked post you have that people are reading, sharing, and commenting on that most represents the type of content you want to create and is producing the results you want in terms of the call to action. Now read it. Analyze it. Think of it from different angles.

Grab Your Most Popular Posts

For example, perhaps the post that is most popular and generating the most revenue for you has 5 points to it. Each of those points can become its own separate blog post. Let’s say you found a post that was an overview post about a problem. Can you come up with at least three more posts to expound on things more specifically?

Brainstorm New Post Ideas

Now, take that first post and make sure to update it. If it has some facts that have changed, go ahead now and find the time to update that post. Even though it’s popular, it doesn’t mean that the post doesn’t need some stats updated. Put a new paragraph at the top with the dates of the newest update included so that your readers know that the information is up to date from that date.

Write, Publish, Promote

Write, publish, and promote the other posts that you came up with. Go back to the original post that gave you the idea and link to the new posts, and in each new post link to all the other posts about that topic. This internal linking helps the search engines spider your site better and it gives the humans reading an easy way to find more content that they already like.

Change Formats

Another way to come up with more content ideas is to try a new format. Instead of a full text blog post why not make a vlog and record a video? You can publish that video on YouTube as well to help bring traffic from there to your site.

Once you start using GA to study your content, you’ll begin to have so many content ideas that you won’t ever run out of ideas. If you do, you might also consider talking to a content strategist who can help you come up with content ideas to implement, too.

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