One of the ways to streamline the things you need to accomplish is to create checklists. Did you know that even experienced pilots, accountants, and others use checklists to ensure that they don’t forget even one small part of a job?

After all, every little action really counts a lot when it comes to getting more traffic. Therefore, creating a checklist of what you need to do for each blog post that you publish will not only help you remember, but you can hand it off to your VA to ensure everything gets done, too.

The best way to do this is for me to tell you what I include for every single blog post that I publish. You can use this list and add to it or take from it depending on what your goals are.

  • Upload Post to WordPress as Draft – Just get it up in the system that it can be dealt with. I do always edit my posts in MS Word first, then I just cut and paste it into the system on the dashboard and save it as a draft.
  • Edit Post for Grammar & Spelling – Even though I edited it in MS Word, I still go through and double check this by rereading and noticing if WordPress or my browser is catching any other spelling issues or errors.
  • Edit Post for Formatting – I also go through the post to ensure all formatting is correct. For example, ensure that I have the right header styles in the right place and not just regular bold, for example, that came over from MS Word.
  • Perfect the Slug – Your title and the slug for the title can be different. I always go back and edit the slug and try to use only the keyword or keyword phrase in the slug instead of the entire title.
  • Edit the Meta Description – I use a plugin called Yoast, which helps me with this process. Under each post I just follow the process that Yoast lays out for me which includes choosing a keyword, ensuring it’s in the first paragraph, and editing the meta description to include it and look good on search.
  • Check Keyword Density – Yoast does this for me so I just make sure it’s not giving me any kind of warning of keyword overuse or underuse. Then I go through and correct anything Yoast asks me to check – such as word usage and so forth.
  • Check Plagiarism – I use a plagiarism plugin for everything and always check it before I fully publish it. Even if I wrote it myself, something could pop up and I prefer for it not to. If you use PLR, something might come up. In those cases, I just make sure it’s only the PLR showing up. Google really doesn’t care as much as we do.
  • Add an Appropriate Image or Two – Always add an image that advances the message of the content. It can be a chart, a picture, or something you created to make the point make more sense to the viewer.
  • Link to Appropriate Internal Content – Internal linking is super important because that will keep them on the site longer. The longer they view your site, the more they read and consume, the more they’re going to trust you and believe in you. Plus, search engines like it.
  • Link to Appropriate Affiliate Products – If you mention anything or are promoting someone else’s product in the post, don’t forget the link. There are plugins that you can get that will automatically link some phrases.
  • Add the Right CTA – Always add the CTA at the end so that you know it’s clear to your visitor.
  • Schedule to Go Live – I then get the post into the system into the schedule.
  • Set Up Hootsuite to Share on Social Media – Once you have the links to what will appear live, go set up your social shares via Hootsuite or whatever software you’re using to help you with social media.
  • Schedule an Email in Broadcast or Certain Tags – Create an email about the new post and send it out to the right email list members.
  • Follow Up Comments – Don’t forget to check comments on your shares on social media and on your blog and in email.

You may have more or fewer tasks that you want to perform for each blog post. This is generally what I do for every blog post. It may seem like a lot but with software like Zapier, Hootsuite, and various WordPress plugins, it’s mostly automatic.

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