One way to earn links back to your site (backlinks) that are useful and authoritative is to get published onto various media sites that accept regular posts or articles that they’ll publish. There are many online magazines and blogs that accept regular posts. You just must read their site for information, and if you cannot find it, drop them an email to ask them.

  • Social Media Examiner — If you scroll down to the bottom of their site you will see a link, it’s the last one on the list, that says “Write for us…”. Click that link to find out how you can submit work to them. They’ll tell you exactly what they’re looking for right now. Read everything so that you don’t submit anything incorrectly.


  • HubSpot – You can also write for if you have the right type of article. They do not accept republished work, so it will have to be unique for them and their use. If people click your bio, they’ll find your other information. It’s a popular site so if you can get published, you’re that much better off. To find out if you can write for them send a message to but make sure you read their guidelines first. (


  • Review Sites – Look up any type of review site that reviews software or products that you promote or that you use. You can often submit a review on the site easily that will include a link back to a particular social media site depending on what the review site owner prefers. One site that takes people’s reviews is if you’re a verified buyer.


  • Quora – This is a question and answer site that is very useful for anyone in almost any type of niche. You can answer questions or even ask questions and people can read your profile and find you on the net elsewhere. It’s a good way to build your expertise and what you write can get a lot of hits.


  • Niche Magazines – Any niche magazine that you know about that is online or offline that your audience likes to read probably not only takes articles but probably will pay you for the articles. First, read the magazine and then figure out just the right pitch to make and follow their guidelines usually listed in the back of their magazines or at the bottom of the site.

The reason you want to post articles on these types of sites is to gain authoritative backlinks to your site but also to put your information in front of your audience. Any place that your audience likes to get their information is where you want to be seen. If you can get them to publish you, that’s going to explode your expertise quotient.



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