A super effective and fun tactic to use to generate more traffic and even some affiliate income is to complete round-ups from experts within your niche to help with any type of promotion you have. You may need to get extra creative but if other experts like the product or the method, you can get more people interested.

  • Post a Blurb – Always tell your audience what they are going to find when they click through to read the content. It may seem repetitive, but your audience appreciates it and will be able to choose whether they want to click or not based on what you state.


  • Link to Original Post – Don’t cut and past their blog post in full on your blog. That is plagiarism and stealing. But you can use short excerpts to make your points as long as you also invite your readers to read the post in full on the original site and encourage them to do so.


  • Link to Author’s Site – If you’ve taken a quote from someone who has contributed their thoughts instead of a blog post, be sure to link to the author’s site or landing page that they give you. Ask them for a link so that you can show where the comments came from.


  • State Your Thoughts – Always share your thoughts about the posts that you’re compiling in a roundup. You want to lead your audience in a certain way and the only way to do that is to share your true thoughts – whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral.

Of course, it depends on the type of round up. Let’s look at two types.

Expert Thoughts

This type of round-up consists of you asking some experts a question and they will answer. They may put the information on their own blog, you then can link to the answer after describing them and their answer and your thoughts. Or, they may provide the text for you to paste into your blog post while linking out instead to a landing page of their choice.

Content Roundup

Another type of roundup that can work, and technically you don’t even have to ask, is to find relevant content and posts that you like and link to them. Create a blurb about the post, tell your audience what you think, what you want them to pay attention to, and your thoughts, then link to the original blog post.

Whether you do one or both, they’ll work great to make your site a one-stop-shop for information about anything related to your niche that your audience wants to know. They may come to your site first to find out what others are saying after they learn that your site is the place to go for that type of information.


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