Who are we 

In 2001 Valerie moved to Mexico with her husband and family. Soon after she started Computers101 which started by offering in-home computer repair services. A few months later, Joel and Johnna left Texas to move to Mexico and soon met and joined Valerie. After growing the company to over 2000 clients, it was closed in 2009 so that they could tend to a family member.

After the passing of Valerie’s mom, Johnna and Valerie then founded Your Virtual Assistants in 2010. Your Virtual Assistants provided virtual services, Online Business Management Social Media and Internet Marketing Services to women Coaches and Speakers.

Although we loved working with the coaching industry our passion was with the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.  We decided in 2017 to close Your Virtual Assistants and open The Online Business Gurus to begin following our passion for helping our truly aligned audience. 

The OBGS is now a marketing and system automation expert company. We love helping the entrepreneurial markets go from offline to online by supporting them with all of the back end support they will need to be a success. Our areas of expertise are system automation, online and social media marketing as well as sales funnel planning. We currently have over 15 certifications and over 10 years of experience in the technical world.

We are known by many to be the gurus of systems and marketing. We know what clients need to run their businesses.


The Online Business Gurus Mission

The OBGs mission is to show startup businesses who want an online presence or well-established businesses that want to expand their online sales by showing them how to build and/or manage their teams, install systems in their business and market their products and services so they can create the strong foundation they need to build their success.

Pitch 1: Do It Yourself and FAIL

One of the first things a solopreneur or entrepreneur needs to learn is to ASK for help. Whether that is hiring someone for 1 hour a week, they need someone to have their back and give them the support they need. It is all too easy to say “I do not have the money to hire someone” but the ugly truth is they are LOSING hundreds if not thousands of dollars NOT hiring someone.

Pitch 2: Social Media is NOT going to make you Millions- You are!

So many people think if I just post on social media, I will make a million dollars. The truth is social media is about being brand recognition and selling you- NOT your Product or Service. We will discuss key tips on how to build like-know and trust throughout your social media channels and build a fanbase that will want to buy from you.




Pitch 3: Stop wasting your money on the WRONG systems.

Many entrepreneurs know they need to automate, but most are lost when it comes to what software systems they need for their business. So many buy whatever their VA or friends tell them not realizing that they are making affiliate money off of selling them that system. Many of the small businesses are throwing out good money on high end systems that are complex and complicated and WAY too much for their needs. We will walk through the different stages of businesses and what systems are the best for business owners in each stage.

Where We Have Been Booked

Two Chicks in the City

Two Chics in the City: An Entrepreneur’s Journey is a podcast focused on growth and learning for small business owners as they travel through the entrepreneurial journey. Guests at various stages of the journey join hosts Tracy Swain and JaVonne Williams as they take a comical yet educational look at the common struggles, concerns and successes of small businesses.


Everyone has this one secret that no one tells. The one secret tactic, treasured app, or hard-learned process that is singularly responsible for allowing them to shine.

In the podcast, you will hear how action-takers who are in the trenches rise above and demonstrate excellence in their craft. Through our candid interview, we will talk about what these tactics are, and how they are used to gain more customers and live the life that they are meant to live.


Roxanne is a trusted psychotherapist, advisor on many boards and the founder of Roxanne Derhodge Consulting.


The Round Table Talk Show with Sharifah Hardie allows up to 5 guests per show the opportunity to sit down in a round table discussion with the top experts & influencers in their fields to discuss current events, what’s going on in the world, marketing, business, and the topics guests are most passionate about!

Business Talk Radio

Business Talk Radio specializes in helping companies big and small develop a meaningful radio presence that compliments their web presence while expanding the audiences they reach. 

Invictus Advisors

This special episode of Lunch with the Shark will be in Spanish. Aren’t you tired of dealing with all the marketing “tech” stuff? Well, today’s guest takes those headaches away. Valerie Jennings with The Online Business Gurus will chat with Vidal “The Shark CFO” Espinosa Avendaño about why you should have an expert do your marketing.

The Toby Gribben Show

The Toby Gribben Show is broadcast on Shout Radio every Thursday and Friday afternoon from 3 until 6. The show features music, interviews and fun features.

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