LinkedIn is a social network that is for businesses and business owners as well as those who are looking for employment and connection with others. A lot of recruiters use it. You can use it too for pushing traffic toward your offerings. Let’s look at several ways in which you can use LinkedIn to get more traffic to your site.

  1. Connect with Movers & Shakers – Most industry experts use LinkedIn and have a LinkedIn Because of this, it behooves you to also be there. Your audience is probably there too. If so, that’s another reason to be there. If you want to be connected in any way, especially from the view of your ideal client, to movers and shakers, LinkedIn is the best place for this.


  1. Build Your Brand – Having a fully filled out and populated profile on LinkedIn is a great way to further build your brand and grow your audience. Use the right branding on your profile and create a business account to connect to your personal account and you’ll be on your way.


  1. Republish Your Content – LinkedIn allows you to repurpose work you’ve published elsewhere by publishing it on your timeline in article format. This is a great way to get your content out to your audience so that they will eventually come to your site.


  1. Provides a Useful Portfolio – You can put samples of all your work right on LinkedIn. It’s a very convenient way to share with potential clients what you can do for them if you’re a service provider. It’s also a great way to showcase all your publications to improve your expertise quotient.


  1. A Great Place to Collect Recommendations – Because of the way LinkedIn sets up accounts, it’s a great place to collect recommendations and testimonials to keep all in one place. You can easily ask any LinkedIn connection to give you a recommendation and testimonial and it will show up on your profile to others.


  1. Establish Your Expertise – LinkedIn’s profile is built a little like a resume, only much better. You can link to publications you write for, show examples of your graphic design ability, and even link to a video of you giving a talk. Having all your expertise in one spot is a great way to show others what you know.


  1. Find a Support Group – There are many groups on LinkedIn made up of others who can help you or those you can help. You can find a group consisting of almost any type of audience you can imagine about almost any topic.


  1. Create Your Own Group – Just like on Facebook, you can also great an active discussion group about a certain niche, too. It’s a little more challenging than Facebook but it can work much the same if not more serious.

Using LinkedIn to get traffic is an excellent use of that resource and platform. LinkedIn is constantly changing, upgrading, and improving their offerings. You can make a business page and a personal page. You can upgrade or not. Even if you use a free page with your personal name, you can still set up your profile to get more traffic to your site simply by linking out to work you’ve done that lives on your site.


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