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Let us help you build, our dream team. With nearly 10 years’ Virtual Assistant experience, we know what it takes create a winning team. We can also advise you how to lead and manage that team. 

About Our Consulting

Our services are designed with the business owner in mind. We offer everything from managing a team, software, implementation to all the terminology you need to have a successful business. We can show you how to move your website from concept to launch. We can advise you on a social media marketing strategy that will set you apart from your competitors and get you noticed.  We can advise you on what software it takes to have a successful business and eliminate chaos, We can plan sales funnels and email funnels that will engage your customers and get them to buy more. We can help you avoid  business managers or virtual assistants who haven’t the slightest clue about how to run the business from the ground up but claim they know everything.

Take a Class!

We get it, you may be an expert at what you do, but hell know one that that meant learning all of the technology, running and managing a team of people, or learning how to create sales funnels and landing pages. Stop being in the dark and let us show you in SIMPLE, easy to UNDERSTAND language the basics you need to know to run a successful business. With these skills you will have the knowledge to lead a team with confidence, have the knowledge not to get ripped off by freelancers or VAs that want to over charge you hours of work that takes minutes and know which software your business REALLY needs and not the ones that someone is recommending so they can make a few affiliate dollars off of you.

We offer classes in:

Business Owner MasterClass
Strategic Business Consultant
Beginning WordPress
Social Media Marketing 101
Funnel Fundamental
and more

As a member you will have free access to all of our webinars for the year and all of our guest speaker webinars and seminars.

Work and Life Balance

We specialize in business mindset, self confidence and creating the perfect balance of work vs life. We get the importance in self care and making sure you are as well taken care of as your business. 

Coaches Workshops

We want to help coaches by bringing them together to share and build new amazing strategies.

Happy Students


I struggled with really getting a Business manager that understood every aspect of my business, I chose people for lots of reasons, but they just could not bring a whole team together. YVA Business Gurus’ really showed me what was needed to get my coaching business out of a holding pattern into the limelight. Now I am seeing real returns.

- Janet

Happy Clients


I began using the Online Business Gurus in 2011. Back then I did not have my “booking speaker processes” in place. Johnna helps me create all my agreements, contracts, and forms. WE created a Letter of Agreement LOA, deposit forms, final payment forms, and expenses. We worked on a travel process, and the after the speech follow-ups. It’s 2019 and I am still using our process. She knows the “Back-End” of the Speaker Business better the I do!

Karen McCullough, CSP


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